Author: Bara Žáčková

Z hlubin minulosti, z nedostupných trezorů a archivů k očím současníků.

Innovative Tool for Data Quality: Metis Sandbox

Metis Sandbox je inovativní nástroj pro kvalitu dat. Přečti si náš příspěvěk na nedávném Europeana Aggregators’ Forum Outreach event.

Treasures of the Past: Digital Gems from the Canonry of Premonstratensians in Nová Říše

In 2023, the library of the Premonstratensian Canonry in Nová Říše digitized four manuscripts from the 15th century. Among these rare documents is a partially preserved antiphonary of Czech origin, created in 1414 for the Cistercian monastery in Sedlec (sign. NŘ 81)

68 skladeb pro klávesový nástroj (zdroj:

Harmony of History: Digital Gems of Musical Heritage at the National Library

In 2023, the National Library of the Czech Republic unveiled 26 digitally accessible musical volumes, mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries. These treasures belonged to Ludvík Horn’s collection, featuring works by authors such as Jakub Jan Ryba and Jan Křtitel Vaňhal. A smaller portion comes from the musical collection of the Strachota cantor family,…
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Kancionál, tzv. Kancionál Jana Pinkavy (zdroj:

Unveiling Jan Pinkava’s Chorale Book: An 18th Century Artistic Treasure

In 2023, the Jan Pinkava Chorale Book (sign. K-24071) was unveiled to the public at the Regional Museum in Olomouc. Created between 1732-1735, this manuscript contains songs for church holidays and other special occasions. The pages of the chorale book are adorned with rich pen-drawn initials, some colorfully highlighted, often accompanied by floral or zoomorphic…
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Digital Innovation: News from the Conference on Archives, Libraries, and Museums

At the “Archives, Libraries, Museums in the Digital World 2023” conference, we presented the new version of the Špalíček project for the National Museum Library.

Medieval Manuscripts of the Museum of the Brno Region

In 2023, the Brno Museum expanded its digital collection with three more medieval manuscripts