Data Processing

We offer services focused on the processing of data of practically any formats and structures. Our customers order these services with the aim of performing one-time conversion (or retrospective conversion) or they require that long-term cooperation with other systems and projects be ensured in the current information environment.

Retrospective conversion with the objective of using the existing information in the modern environment: we map old data formats for modern ones and perform the conversion. If records in a digital form are not available, we also carry out digitisation (scanning) and recognition or manualtranscription. Examples are provided by the project of processing August Sedláček’s Card Catalogues and making them accessible, retrospective conversion of Truhlář’s printed catalogues, retrospective conversion of the production of the Department of Historical and Music Collections of the NL CR from the MASTER format to TEI P5 etc.

Ensuring interoperability with the aim of making cooperation of the existing systems effective: we map the outputs of the existing systems into formats that are used in other systems. This service is typically related to providing data into Europeana, Uniform Information Gateway and to providing information using further information resources, such as Summon, EBSCO discovery services, Galen and others. We use this service in our bigger (ManuscriptoriumETNOFOLK) as well as smaller projects (Špalíček of Chapbooks ) while utilising the protocols OAI-PMH, SRU, Z39.50 and other more or less automated methods of data transfer.


Examples of the Formats That We Commonly Process

  • METS, TEI P5, Dublin Core, Europeana Semantic Elements (ESE), EDM, OWL ...
  • Internal formats of commonly used applications, such as DEMUS
  • Other proprietary formats, theoretically any structured data (MS Word, MS Excel, CSV)
  •  Retrospective conversion of printed and handwritten catalogue sources