Gulliver: For Both Small and Giant Projects

If you create or manage useful information, you are certainly looking for an easy way of providing access to it. No matter if your information is targeted at a narrow group of experts or you focus on the general public – we have a solution for you.

We offer you to make your data accessible as a turnkey service: we will provide you with all the tools necessary; your information will always be easy to find and presented by modern technologies.

The Key Properties of Gulliver

  •  Provision of access in the form of an online catalogue or a digital library (or through a combination of both)
  •  Use of the latest display and search technologies (we focus on the presentation; our solution is therefore better than the solutions integrated into administrative systems)
  •  Full optimisation for mobile devices (the same range of functions for classical computers and mobile devices)
  •  The high modularity of the solution allows full customisation of the presentation to a partner’s needs
  • Possibility of integration intoa partner’s existing web presentation
  • For your needs, we will provide a complex infrastructure and administrative interface
  •  A flexible financing model
  • Customer support and the possibility of ensuring full operation and administration

Who Will Benefit from Gulliver

  •  Our partners, such as libraries, galleries and museums or also companies that manage larger or smaller amounts of data (textual and image data, audio or video records).
  •  Partners who do not want to maintain presentation systems at their own expense.

Models of Financing

  •  We provide comprehensive services based on a subscription fee (quarterly/annual) – i.e. without limiting investments or commitments
  •  We will gladly prepare an offer for another model of financing (licence/application purchase etc.) and accommodate your formal and administrative requirements. We have experience with participation in projects funded from the NACI and LPIS projects of the Ministry of Culture of the CR, with programmes of the European Union as well as other models of financing.

Gulliver is Modular

  •  We do not offer only ‘simple access’ – our solution may be accommodated to your current needs. You may select from a wide range of expansion modules: OAI-PMH, SRU, Integrated CMS, Annotation Module, Tagging Module, Community Support and Sharing Module, Gamification Module, Europeana API.

Gulliver Is Interoperable

  •  Our services may be easily linked to the outputs of practically any data management system.

Contact our sales department. We will gladly demonstrate Gulliver to you in person.