On the Digitisation with AiP Beroun

AiP Beroun provides high-quality outsourcing services in document-friendly and contact-free digitisation of rare materials; it also specialises in the development of software and hardware tools in this area.

We have experience with digitisation projects focusing on very rare historical documents, works of art and other specific original and rare sources.

Digitisation is performed using a method that is the safest for the original. The digitisation device is equipped with increased UV and IR radiation protection. The binding of the books is carefully handled.

Examples of our work are shown below, including documents that we have scanned, processed, archived, made accessible online and, of course, returned to the owner in the original condition.

Books (manuscripts, rare printed books)

  • Testamenti Veteris libri, Zámek Kynžvart, 25-C-5The oldest
    Testamenti Veteris libri, Kynžvart Castle, 25-C-5
    Dating: between the end of the 8th century and the second half of the 9th century

  • Žlutický kancionál, Památník národního písemnictví, TR I 27The largest
    Žlutice Hymn Book, Museum of Czech Literature, TR I 27
    Size: 63 x 40 cm (book cover), 16 cm (spine height); 57.5 x 38.5 (39) cm folio

  • Mariánské hodinky, Knihovna Národního muzea v Praze, V H 36The smallest
    Book of Hours: Hours of the Virgin, National Museum Library in Prague VH36
    Size 10 cm x 8 cm
  • Liber viaticus, Knihovna Národního muzea v Praze, XIII A 12 The most beautiful? (Illuminated)
    Liber viaticus, National Museum Library in Prague, XIII A 12 
    Travel breviary of the bishop of Litomyšl and chancellor of Charles IV, Johannes von Neumarkt

Paintings, vedutas and other works of art


Old photographs, albums, glass negatives

  • Skleněné negativy  A collection of glass negatives from the first half of the 20th century


  • Krkonošské muzeum, historická alba fotografií Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) Museum, historical photo albums